Saturday, March 29, 2014

How to change Labels on more than one post at a time

This article shows how to edit the name of an existing Label value in blogger, without editing each individual post that it's applied to.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Introducing Weekly Blogger Tips: A new type of post from Blogger-HAT

Blogger-hints-and-tips was originally where I kept my own notes about how my solutions to problems with Blogger

But then I found other people were visiting - because they were looking for solutions to the same problems!   And looking back, I was embarrassed about how low-quality the original posts  were.  So I made a commitment to only publish properly researched articles, and I started keeping a private blog with post-ideas that I haven't researched fully (which now has 200+ posts in it).

Then in Sept 2012, I started posting "Quick Tips" - very quick posts about changes in other products that are people tend to use with their blogs, which I didn't have the time or ability research fully, but which I really wanted to share with my readers quickly.

Recently, however, the number of  Quick-tips has decreased: as Blogger and the other tools have become more mature, there just haven't been the same number of changes.

And at the same time, other projects have been taking more time and I often don't have the capacity to do the in-depth research for the quality articles that I want to publish here.

But one thing I that noticed on another project is that I get a lot of satisfaction from publishing regularly:   in one niche, there's a type of post that I can write in about 20 minutes, and this is great for my motivation and satisfaction, as well as for the blog's traffic levels.

So, between now and December this year, I've set myself a target of publishing at least one short post here once a week.   This won't be a fully researched article.  Instead it will be a short hint about some aspect of either Blogger or blogging in general- in short a Weekly Blogging Tip.

To start with, I've made a list of potential topics, but I'd love hear your suggestions about aspects of blogging where a quick post would be helpful - you know where to find the comments box ....

Friday, March 21, 2014

How to use Picasa-web-albums with your Google+ Page's photos

This article shows how to manage your Google+ Page's photo collection using Picasa-web-albums.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

How to give a Google+ page its own password and login-name

This article is about setting up a Google+ page so that it is a stand-alone thing, and can log in to Google services without needing your personal Google+ profile.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How to put put Posts into Pages in Blogger

This article shows how to set up your blog, using Blogger, so that it looks like your posts are on separate web-pages.