Blogger Help and Helper Sites

This page lists the Blogger helpers and help-sites that I recommend.

Official Sites from Google / Blogger:

Blogger's Google+ page

Blogger Status - what's up with their servers and dev team

Blogger Help's YouTube Channel

Blogger Help Forum (BHF):

Sites maintained by other Blogger-Helpers:

The Real Blogger Status:

Blogger Sentral:

Too Clever by Half:

Spice up your Blog

Tweak my Blogger

Jacq's Blogger Tips

J S BlogStop

Yet Another Blogger Tips Blog

Blogger Helpers Consolidated Search:

This uses Google's Custom Search Engine tool to look for things in a specially selected group of websites and blogs that provide help and advice about Google Blogger.

How good are the results:

This search only includes results from a list of web-sites that I have chosen because I know and trust them.   I cannot guarantee that all the information in the included sites is correct or up-to-date, especially if it's about Blogger features that have changed recently.   But they are all sites that I respect, and have got useful information from in the past.

See Introducing the Blogger Helpers Search for more information about this tool, and to suggest new sites that could be added to list.