Saturday, April 3, 2010

Get Dilbert for your Blog

This article is about how to get the official Dilbert widget for your blog.

A 3rd party widget?

Normally, I don't recommend 3rd party widgets:  far too many are involve giving some hacker access to your blog.

But I trust some eg, Amazon.    And of course Dilbert - though I still don't think it's a good idea to give him your Google password.   Read on to see how to insert the code without doing so.

Follow these steps to show a Dilbert cartoon on your blog

Go to

Choose the size you want
The Dilbert cartoon in my sidebar is 160x300 - but if your blog is about any aspect of office politics, you may want a larger one, eg 400x300 - if you like, you could even put it above your post area and show it on the home page only, so people come back every day to look at it!)

Click on "Click here for today's strip" on the chosen size.

Click Grab-it on the top right corner of that strip.

DON'T click on the Blogger icon in the window that opens:  I trust Dilbert - butl not enough to give him my Google account password!

Click on Copy (to the right or perhaps just about the embed code in the window that opens)

Go to your blog, and add the HTML code to it in the usual way.

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