Saturday, September 10, 2011

Options in Blogger's post-editor: where to find them

This article explains where to find the options for each post or page in the post September 2011  Blogger interface.

Each individual post in Blogger has options that can set for it, including
  • The date it was (or is to be) published, 
  • How to handle HTML in the post
  • Whether to allow comments
  • Label(s) that are applied to it
These values for these are set in the Post Settings-Options / Post Options area.

The Post Settings bar is on the right hand side of the screen:  Click on Post Settings (unless it's already open), and under that there are separate sections for
  • Options (it has a gear-wheel beside it), 
  • Location, 
  • Published on 
  • Labels  

This shows the current values.for the post:  after you have changed them, you can press the Done button to hide that section again.

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