Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Country-specific Blogspot URL may affect your earnings - and other things too

This week, Blogger announced they are redirecting blogs to country specific URLs.

This means that when someone in India looks at, they will actually be directed to - and similarly for other countries, so far I know it's been applied to Australia and New Zealand too.

This is likely to have affects on other products:


If you have protected your AdSense ID from malicious use (and really, you should if you care about it), then you will find some new entries in your unauthorised sites list:   I just went into mine and authorised
and I expect to be doing some more as it rolls out further.   

If I didn't do this, then any advertising "clicks" from people visiting via country-specific-URLs won't be counted.

(Interestingly, I tried using the authorise link beside the unauthorized links on the Home > Account settings page.   It said it worked, but those sites weren't actually added to my authorized list.  I had to add them to the Authorized list and click Save myself.)


I'm not sure yet if this has an impact on statistics gathered with Analytics.   Maybe not - my overall visitor numbers aren't down, and the Visitors > Map overlay tool shows that I've had 79 visits from India today.   

I do have some more checks in mind, but these will take a while to do - comments from anyone who has  investigated are very welcome.

3rd party statistics packages:

I don't know for sure, but would be surprised if this doesn't affect the stats gathered by SiteMeter, StatCounter, et al - at least in the short term.


The way to check that you've got a canonical statement in your template is to 
  1. View the blog itself  (ie not the template, and not the posts)
    - eg I looked at in my browser, while I was logged off of Blogger.
  2. Look at the source code   (in Chrome, I get to it through the "wrench" in the top right corner, then Tools > View Source - or by using Ctrl / u)
  3. Check that this line is showing somewhere:    
    <link href='' rel='canonical'/> 
If that line isn't in your source code, then the quickest fix is to either change to a newer template, or edit your template and add it just underneath the <head> statement.

That's all I can think of for now ... but I have a hunch there's more.    Will post again if I find more issues.

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