Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Linking to a Picasa web-album in a blogger post

This article shows how to put a Picasa-web-album link into your sidebar (or anywhere that you can put a gadget on your template) in Blogger.

Previously I've introduced Picasa and Picasa-web-albums (PWA), and listed some ways that you can link PWA to your blog.

This article looks specifically at how to put a whole album into  your blog.

First, make your album

  1. Go to Picasa Web Albums
  2. Check that you have already uploaded the album you want from your PC to Picasa-web-albums.
    (and if you haven't, go back to Picasa and upload it now) - and that you are allowed to publish all of the pictures
  3. Choose an album by clicking on it.
    The album view opens, showing you a thumbnail of all the photos in it on the left of the screen. On the right of the screen, there is a sidebar of useful tools. One of these is "Link to this Album".
  4. Click on "Link to this Album".
    This opens two options, showing the code to use to link to the album in an email, and one with the HTML to embed in a website.
  5. Copy the entry under "HTML to embed in website".

Then put it into your blog

The HTML code that you copied from PWA is just like HTML code from and other 3rd party source, so it can be in stalled the same way:  option 2 in this article shows you how to put it into a post.

Once it's there, you can use any of the regular options for formatting items in the Post Editor - though you will probably need to use HTML mode to this, because the code from PWA puts the album inside a table, which is something that the Post Editor doesn't handle well.

What your readers see

This puts a picture-link to your album into your sidebar (or wherever you chose to put the gadget): it will have a white border (like the one beside this paragraph) - though you may want to edit the HTML to make it look different.

When a reader clicks on the picture-link they are taken to the Picasa-web-album, where they can view, but not edit, the album you've linked to.

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Copyright, blogs and bloggers - copyright applies to pictures too.

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