Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hiding "Subscribe to Post (Atom)" at the bottom of your blog

This article explains how to remove the "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" item that appears at the bottom of Blogger blogs with Layout or Designer templates.

Where does "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" come from?

By default, Blogger puts the "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" item on at the bottom of every screen of posts in blogs with Layout or Designer templates (ref What type of template does my blog have?).

This is useful for readers who understand what it means:  it lets them subscribe to an RSS feed of your blog - and even if you don't personally use it, RSS is important for bloggers.  However:
  • Some readers won't understand what it means,
  • If you're showing a "blog-site" (ie a website created with blogging tools, rather than a classic blog), the command doesn't make sense, even though the idea of RSS subscription does
  • It looks ugly, and
  • RSS-savvy readers who aren't Blogger users generally look for the little orange square with radar bars, rather than an obscure, Blogger-specific, description of the link.

So you may want to remove it from your blog and replace it with a nicer-looking RSS-subscription button.

How to remove "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" from your blog:

1  Edit your template

2  Find this code in your template:
<!-- feed links-->
<b:include name='feedLinks'/>
3  Replace it with this code:
<!-- feed links
<b:include name='feedLinks'/>   -->

What you have done is to comment-out the code:  the "-->" is the "end of comment" command in HTML.

This approach is better than "hiding" the link by making it the same colour as your background (which could be seen as trying to hide things from the search-engines).  It won't have any negative effect on your blog's performance, and you can undo it very easily by moving the end-of-comment text back again.

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  1. Finally! a resolution that works.
    Thank you

  2. If I don't want to hide it, but just want left-align it and make it bold, how would I do that? I appreciate your help.

  3. Sorry David, I'm not quite sure how to do that, it will probably involve changing some of the CSS commands.

    Try asking in the Blogger Help Forum, somewhere there will probably know immediately how to do it.

  4. No worries - I removed it from the Blogger CSS tags and just used straight HTML to take care of it.

  5. I'm new at this blog stuff. I want to remove the "subscribe by email" feature on my blog. Can anyone help? I tried removing this () as recommended by another site but that did nothing, the feature is still there. I also downloaded my template before I did that and when I saw that it didn't work, tried to copy and paste the original back but kept getting a message that attribution or something was missing. The blog does seem just as it was before though.

  6. Hi Carmen - good question! I don't know how to remove the Subscribe by email option at the moment. It'll take some research to figure it out - don't think I'll get to it before Christmas. But I've added it to my list of possible future articles, so keep and eye out and hopefully I'll find a solution for you soon.

  7. thanks for your good suggestion to have the problm solved

  8. Thanks for that great tip! Worked for me - yay.

  9. Please help
    i can't find this code in my blog

  10. How to remove "Showing newest posts with label Moisturizers and creams. Show older posts" in the top of the blog.
    thank you

  11. TheLivingEnergy, post a question into the Blogger Help Forum, including your blog's URL. Hopefully someone there will be able to help you.

  12. I haven't tried removing the "show newest posts with label ... " box myself, but here's one suggestion that has worked in the past:

  13. Hello,
    I tried following your instructions but I must have made something wrong as I get the --> under the "Subscrite to Post (Atom)" Text. Any advice?

  14. Are you certain that you removed the --> from the end of the first line, so it becomes

  15. Ouch ... my comment got commented out! Basically, remember that you are moving the end-of-comment marker from the end of the first line to the end of the second one.

  16. I found another technique changing the CSS.

    But many thanks for responding.

  17. I don't remember how but I think I had deleted my feeds so apart for looking ugly, it was unusable too. Thank you very much for this.
    PS: I was thinking of making a blog where show how to do things in Blogger but I've just changed my mind. What you do here is far more better than I could ever do. You're great! Rock on!

  18. Thanks for your kind words Dragos. But I would encourage you to use a blog to keep your own notes about how you fix problems you have in Blogger, and if it gets popular, then expand it. This is a very large subject area, and always changing - there is plenty of room for lots of writers here, explaining things in different ways.

  19. I tried how you told me & its work. Thank you

  20. thanks man it worked