Saturday, July 31, 2010

Showing image-only AdSense ads in your blog

This article is about how to show image-only AdSense ads in your blog.

It's easy to Set up AdSense on your Blog.

And Once you've been approved, it's easy to put AdSense ads into your blog:  just add them in the same way you would add any other gadget from Blogger.

But the advertisement format options that Blogger provides for are limited: you can only choose either text-only or image-and-text ads.  There is (currently) no option for image-only ads.

To guarantee that your blog displays image ads only, you need to get the ad-code from AdSense, and put it into an HTML-Javascript gadget or inside a Post (or Page), or into your template.

How to display image only AdSense ads:

1    Log into AdSense with the Google-account that you use to manage your ads.   (There may be some cases where this is not the same Google account that you use to manage the blog where the ad is displayed)

2    Go into the AdSense Setup > My Ads tab.

3     Click New Ad unit, or edit an existing ad unit if you want to re-use an existing one.

4     Configure your ad:

Work through the items in the wizard to (I like to choose single-page, so everything is visible at once).   If you've chosen the Ad Unit radio button, then beside it there is a drop-down that lets you choose:
  • Text-and-image, 
  • Text-only, 
  • Image-only.

5  At then end of the wizard, you are shown some HTML code.    Copy and paste that code.

6  Go to Blogger (with the account you use for the blog), and add it in the same way you would add any other 3rd party HTML  (either in a gadget, the template, or even inside a post).

Making ads between posts image-only

The method above does not work for ads that are shown between posts, using the "show ads between posts" option in the Blog Post gadget editor.

To do this, you would need to edit the design-template.  Instructions for this will vary depending on what template you have, and are beyond the scope of this article.   But you can put a gadget at the bottom of all the blog-posts that are shown on a screen - just make the gadget the usual way, and drag it to underneath the Blog Posts gadget

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