Monday, October 18, 2010

How to change the credit or debit card that is used for custom domain purchases or renewals from Google

This article about changing the default credit-card that is used for purchases that you make through Google Wallet (previously Checkout).  

It is written for Blogger users who have purchased custom domains through Google, but the information applies to anyone who has made a purchase from Google Wallet, and wants to keep their details updated so they can be used again in future.

Domain renewal and Google Wallet

Previously, I've explained how to automatically renew a custom domain that was purchased via Googe/Blogger.

Even if auto-renewal is turned on, you do need to check is that the credit card which will be used for the purchase is still valid:  because credit cards have an expiry date, the details may be incorrect even if the number has not changed.

The credit card that will be used for the purchase is the one that is linked to the Google Wallet (previously Checkout) account which will pay for the domain.

How to check and change credit-card number:

Follow these steps:

1  Go to Google Wallet:    (it used to be called Checkout, but is renamed)

2  Make sure you are logged in using the Google Account that is being used to pay for the domain (or whatever other recurring transaction you are interested in).

3  Click Payment Methods (now in the left hand bar)

4  Check the credit card you want to use is listed, and is selected as the Default, and that the expiry date is correct.
  • Click on Edit to view the details.  
  • If you need to change any of them, make sure you enter the CVC and also press Save.

To remove an existing credit card, just click the Delete link.

You cannot edit the credit card number:  if your number has changed, you need to delete the existing credit card (with the Delete link), and set up a new one.   This will be frustrating if your address etc has not changed, but I'm fairly sure it's to do with the verification that Google carries out when cards are added.

How to add a new credit card

Click the red "Add a Credit or Debit Card" button at the top of the screen.

Fill in the details in the fields .

Initially, the "Make this my default payment method" is turned on:   leave it on if you want the card you are adding to be the one that is routinely used for purchases, or turn it off if you don't.

Multiple credit cards and auto-renewals:

I believe that domain auto-renewal transactions are processing using your current default credit card.

However I haven't (yet) checked this at a time when had multiple cards attached to my account.  I will be checking this when my next domain renewal occurs, and will update this article if something else happens, eg if Google/Blogger gives an option on a per transaction basis if more that one credit card is listed.

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  1. I tried that. I got an error message "Sorry, we can't find "". We suggest that you check the spelling of the web address or search above."

    So, back to square one... how do I renew my domain name when the card I initially used is no longer valid??

  2. Hi Helen

    I'm sorry that didn't work. Am not 100% certain why it wasn't re-directing properly, but I've now changed to the link to use the https:// version, which is working.

  3. If you did not set up the administrator email address and password when you bought the domain thru google, is there any way to back track and fix this oversight? HELP!

    1. The easiest way is to find the email that Google sent, containing the set-up link.

      If you really cannot find it, then there are some suggestions in step 3 of this article:
      - but it's quite drastic, you need to start by de-publishing your blog from the URL (temporarily, of course).

  4. Hi,

    I want to make sure my new credit card is attached to my blog renewal and I think it is. I tried to cancel my old credit card for the auto blog renewal and this message comes up:

    You can't remove this credit card because it has an active subscription associated with it. To remove this card, first update your subscription.
    The following transactions will be affected by removing this credit card:
    Google storage
    Update my subscriptions

    Will the DEFAULT card be enough or do I need to update my subscription?


  5. Only directions that I found that actually worked! Thank you!!