Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Find an angle that lets you write some blog-posts quickly

This is a post from the Weekly Blogging Tips series.

The posts on your blog don't all have to be of the same quality or type.

If the topics you usually write about are complex and in-depth, needing a lot of research, then it's good to look for one aspect you can write about that is quick and easy, and to commit to making a post like this on a regular schedule.   Some ideas for posts like this:
  • Notes about changes in other products
  • Reviews of or congratulations on posts on other blogs in your niche
  • A round-up of all the other posts you have made in the last month
  • A recap or summary of your posts on a popular topic
  • Clarifications of instructions in the official help-pages for a related product.

Or,  if you really don't want to put "small" posts onto your blog's RSS feed, another option is to at least edit one of your existing posts every (day / week / fortnight - whatever works for you ), and share news about your update on which-ever social networks you are using on conjunction with your blog.

Either way, this lets your readers (and their RSS and social media subscriptions) know you're still out there, and it gives you the satisfaction of hitting the Publish button regularly, even if it's weeks, or months between your substantial posts.

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