Saturday, February 13, 2010

Extra customization of Chitika ads

This article looks at extra customisation you can do to  Chitika advertsements, including making changes to the title colour, border colour, and whether or not a new window opens when a reader clicks on a Chitika ad.

Chitika and ad-code

Previously I explained how to get Chitika ad code and how to put the code into your blog.

Chitika + AdSense: Ad Placement Guide is an e-book from Chitika about placing AdSense and Chitika ads in the same page in complementary ways.

It also has some tips about customisation - including some features that are not currently available from Chitika's control panel.   Although changing ad features is not allowed by Chitika's Terms and Conditions, I am assuming that since Chitika are promoting these features, they are happy that using them doesn't violate the T&Cs.  Therefore I'm explaining them in this article.

You need to consider this issue yourself, and only follow the advice here if you agree, or are willing to take any risks involved.   No liability is accepted etc ....

Changing the code

This is how Chitika ad-code looks (with some explanations in CAPITAL LETTERS, and line-breaks to make it easier to read:):

<script type="text/javascript"><!--

ch_client = "YOUR ID";

ch_type = "mpu";

ch_width = 550;
ch_height = 250;
ch_color_title = "800040";
ch_color_site_link = "215670";
ch_color_text = "000000";
ch_non_contextual = 4;
ch_vertical ="premium";
ch_font_title = "Verdana";
ch_backfill =1;ch_sid = "THE CHANNEL NAME YOU USED";


<script  A SCRIPT NAME ...</script>

You can add some extra lines to this, to put a background colour behind your ad, or to put a border around it:
ch_color_border = "HEX CODE FOR YOUR BORDER";

Adding this line says that clicking the ad should open it in a new browser window or tab (depending on the reader's browser settings.
 ch_target = "new";

Any of these lines that you want to add can go in the same section with the "ch_" statements - the order doesn't matter.

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  1. Awesome information. I was looking for this from long time.

    One cent from my side. This is how you can adjust the text font of the ads.

    ch_font_text = 'Calibri, Arial&';