Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Using Google Analytics to get statistics about AdSense performance on your blog

This article is about how to set up your blog so it collects data about your AdSense performance, using Google Analytics.

Google Analytics and AdSense

Recently, I described options for installing Google Analytics into blogs made with Blogger.

If you have decided to use Analytics, and you are also a Google AdSense publisher (ie person who has AdSense ads on your blog), then you probably want to take one more step, so that you can get statistics about AdSense on your blog from the Analytics tools.

Installing the extra code

After you have created a profile in Analytics, and installed the Analytic settings into your blog, go back to the Analytics Settings tab in Google Analytics.

If you have left the profile, find it and click Edit Profile (currently this is on the right of the screen).

The Profile screen that opens has sections for
  • Main Website Profile Information
  • Goals
  • Filters Applied to Profile
  • Users with Access to Profile
Currently the edit action for each section is in the right hand corner of the heading for the section.   

Click Edit in the title for the Main Website Profile Information section.

At the bottom of the screen, tick Yes, this profile should receive AdSense data

When you tick the button, a window with some code opens.   Copy the code.

Press the Save Changes button  (currently bottom left of the screen.

Install the code you into your blog either in the header or in a HTML/Javascript gadget.

What you and your readers will see

Installing this script has no effect on what your readers see.

But when you go into Analytics and look at any detailed report page, you will find that the AdSense Revenue tab will start to have data in it.   Currently the statistics that are reported are (even if there was no revenue) are:
  • AdSense Revenue
  • The number of AdSense ads that were clicked.
  • AdSense Page Impressions ie the count of of pages displaying AdSense ads that were viewed
  • AdSense CTR, ie the ratio of AdSense ads clicked to ad pages viewed.
  • AdSense eCPM, ie the estimated revenue from AdSense per thousand ad page views (assuming that future viewers and advertisers behave in a similar way to the previous one).

Data is only collected from the time that you installed the code into your blog:  Google does not collect it (at least not in a form that's accessible to you) until you ask them to.

Detailed advertising performance data is only available through Analytics for AdSense:  it's not available for the Google Affiliate Network and most certainly not for competing ad-services like Chitika.

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