Thursday, February 4, 2010

AdSense Troubleshooting: How many ads per page

This article has details about AdSense ads not being displayed because there are too many ads per page, including particular issues with sidebars in Blogger.

Advertising Programme limits

With some advertising programmes, including AdSense, you are only allowed to show a certain number of adsense units per screen.

Always check the terms and conditions of a programme like AdSense, and keep an eye on updates in case the policies are changed in future.

At the time of writing, for AdSense the limit is3 ad-units and 3 link-units.

Enforcing the limits

Because Google, Blogger and AdSense are intgrated, Blogger kindly enforces the number of ad-units limits for us - we don't have to manually check them in your templates.

Blogger will let you put any number of AdSense gadgets into your blog and into your posts.   But when your blog is shown to readers, Google chooses which ads to show (up to the limits), and either leaves a blank space or moves solid colour, or shows other content that you specify in the advert code setup screen.

Where do the "best" ads go

The best available advertisement will go into the first ad-unit found, continuing in a similar way as the rest of the blog-screen is drawn.

Within Blogger itself  the header gets first priority for being drawn, then in the body of your blog, and then in the sidebars.

If you have selected ads at the bottom of posts (an option in the Monetize tab), and you have three or more posts per page , then all three ads will have been "used up" when your sidebar is displayed, so there won't be any ads there.   If you really want ads in your sidebar (which is far more visible to many readers), then you can either:
  • turn off the option for ads beneath your posts, or
  • set the number of posts per page to less than 3, so that there are some advertising slots available when your blog-screen is generated.

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