Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blogger and key non-Google products: an overview

This article is about other Google products that may be helpful to Blogger users.  Each product is briefly described, with links to the help centre, help forum, and other useful hints-and-tips article.

Non-Google products that are helpful for Bloggers:

This is not a complete listing of all other product that may be useful  it's simply a list of some that I think are key, or that I wanted to keep track of.

NB:  Always see the official documentation for official answers.

Product / Application What it does Where to get help
Twitter Micro-blogging, ie posting very small (140 character) notices.
Used for information sharing, but very effective for advertising in some niches.
Help centre
Help forum

Blogger-HAT articles
FacebookSocial networkingHelp centre
Help forum
Blogger-HAT articles
Advertising networks Everyone knows about AdSense, but there are lots of other advertising networkds that you can use on your blog. Each programme has a help site.
Site-Meter Statistics about your blog Help centre
Help forum
Statcounter Another statistics tool. Help centre
Help forum
Amazon The world largest bookstore - these days selling a lot more than books.    Different versions for the USA, Canada, UK/Ireland - and more.   Lets you put pictures of interesting things on your blog, and make money through affiliate links. Each counrtyr's Amazon has its own Help centre and forum.

BloggerHAT Amazon articles
ChipIn Fundraising by campaign, with some helpful campaign management tools BloggerHAT articles
Chitika One particularly popular advertising programme

Help centre

BloggerHAT articles
Flickf An alternative photo-management tool - it also has a tool to let you search for public-domain (well Creative-Commons licensed) images that you can use in your blog. BloggerHAT articles
LinkedIn Social networking for your professional life BloggerHAT articles
PayPal Managing payments between you and just about anyone BloggerHAT articles

What other non-Google applications are you using on, or with, your blogspot Blog?.

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