Monday, September 17, 2012

Google Affiliate Network has a widget for UK Bloggers

This Quick-Tip is about the Google Advertiser Network widget becoming available for Blogger users based in the UK.

Today, Google Advertisers Network announced that their Blogger widget is now available for some Blogger users in the United Kindgom.

You don't control whether you see the widget or not.  If you:

  • have an AdSense account, and 
  • have linked it to your blog's Earnings tab, and 
  • are blogging in an appropriate niche (ie one that Google Advertiser Network has advertisers for), 

then the widget will show up in your post editor (I'm guessing on the right hand panel) when you are editing a post.

I can't see it myself at the moment, so I have no idea whether you can get rid of it, like you can with the Zemanata post-editor gadget.

Actually, I'm wondering how Blogger decides where someone is based, and why it's relevant: one of my blogs is very specific to Ireland (where I live) but gets a lot of interest from the UK - and lots of people from Ireland buy things direct from the UK anyway.  So I could see some of the UK GAN advertisers being quite relevant.

And as I've mentioned before, this gadget makes it easy to put ads into a post.  But if you can see the gadget, you could easily enough put them into a widget (ie sidebar header or footer) by taking the HTML from the post editor's HTML view, and putting it elsewhere in your blog just like any other 3rd-party code.

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