Friday, March 21, 2014

How to use Picasa-web-albums with your Google+ Page's photos

This article shows how to manage your Google+ Page's photo collection using Picasa-web-albums.

Recently I described how to always use Picasa-web-albums, rather than Google+ photos, to work with the images that are stored in your Google account.

One issue was that there was no way to use PWA to work with the photo's uploaded to a Google+ Page, rather than an individual Google+ profile.

And this was highlighted when Google introduced an auto-enhancement feature which could be disabled using Picasa-web-albums, but not using Google+ Photos.

However a new feature introduced to Google+ Pages means that you can work around this.

How to access Google+ Page photo albums using Picasa-web-albums

Set up a separate password for your Google+ Page..

Log out of Google / Blogger / Picasa-web-albums (if you log out of one, you are generally removed from the others too).

Log back in again, but this time using your newly created Google+ Page account.

Point your web-browser to Picasa-web-albums, using the do-not-re-direct address:

Job Done!    

You can now use Picasa-web-albums  like normal, including access to features like:

And of course you still have access to the Google+ Photos features, like editing pictures without changing their URL.

Disadvantages / Issues

There's always one!

In this case, it's that you need to be logged into Google using a different account from the one that's the underlying Page owner.   You can use any of the other Google tools   (Maps, Blogger, probably even AdSense) - but it will be with the Google account that was created for your page, rather than with your personal account.

And if you manage multiple pages, you will need to think carefully about exactly how each one is set up, and what account you need to use to work with it.

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  1. One thing that would be useful is a complete catalog of the differences, however small, between PWA and G+ photos. Things like permissions, auto-enhance, etc.

    I've fumbled through it a few times and still am not clear on it.

    1. Yup, agreed. I don't feel like I understand the two products nearly well enough to wirte that up, and the day job means I just don't have the research time anymore.