Monday, September 10, 2012

Introducing Quick-Tips: notes about interesting changes in other blogging tools

This quick-tip introduces "quick tips", a new type of post in Blogger-Hints-and-Tips.

In January this year, I started Blogger-HAT-Lite. The idea was to make  short posts about changes in other products which Bloggers often use, but which I didn't have the time or information to write a good-quality article about.

Since then, I've found, that the changes in other products don't happen often enough to justify maintaining a separate blog: while it's "just another blog", each one needs to be monitored, designed, etc - and I now need to consolidate.

So, effective yesterday, I've decided to try a new approach.  From now, Blogger-HAT will have two main types of posts:
Starting with "This article shows ... ", these are in-depth explanations of a topic, or answers to a common question. They explore the non-obvious-but-still-important aspects of the topic, and explicitly look at what different typess of blog-visitors will see. And I will do my best to keep them up-to-date as things change. 
Starting with "This Quick-tip ... ", these are short, quickly written notes about new and interesting things - especially in products that Blogger-users often use. They will ask lots of questions, may have factual errors (because I won't be researching them thoroughly), and won't even begin to work through all the issues about the topic.

To save time, quick-tips will always have the same picture. For now, it's the exclamation-mark button at the top of this post, but it may change if I have a clever idea about a more suitable picture that gets across the idea of Blogger, speed, interest and possibility.

You can find Quick-Tips using the Quick-tip label. I'm still working out how I'll put topic categories on them, either with general topic labels, or specific "QT" ones.

I haven't decided whether to move the existing "LITE" posts into Blogger-HAT, or whether to just leave them where they are.     Suggestions welcome.

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