Friday, September 7, 2018

Comments RSS feed address after turning on HTTPS for a blog with a custom domains

This article documents the change the Comments RSS feed associated with blog, when you switch on the HTTPS option for a blog with a custom domain.

If your blog has a custom domain, you now have an option to switch on HTTPS to make it more secure.

If you do this, then the RSS feed address for your blog's comments changes.

This may be handled graciously by your template.  But if you use a service like Feedburner to display recent comments in an HTML gadget, then the gadget will break unless you update.    Well - mine did anyways.   Maybe your settings are different.

What was your blog's RSS comment feed address

Articles published by various people, including Google, say that your blog has various RSS feeds, including  2 site comments feeds.

Atom:   http://yourCustom.Domain/feeds/comments/default
RSS:     http://yourCustom.Domain/feeds/comments/default?alt=rss

(substituting your actual custom domain   eg   for yourCustom.Domain)

However after switching HTTPS on, I found that these were simply re-directing to the homepage - and this was causing any gadgets which used the comments feed to fail with a message like "the RSS feed is no longer available for display".    (I forgot to take a screenshot before fixing it - and now it's fixed I cannot un-fix it because Feedburner won't let me save an invalid feed address!)

What is your blog's RSS comment feed address

After trying various options, I have found that for my custom-domain blogs with HTTPS enabled, the correct RSS address for comments feeds is

RSS:     https://www.yourCustom.Domain/feeds/comments/default?alt=rss
(Again - substituting your actual custom domain   eg   for yourCustom.Domain)

This one may work also - I haven't had a need to test it properly, so don't want to say for certain:
Atom:   https://www.yourCustom.Domain/feeds/comments/default 

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